The best value in Tap Arm Systems for size 0 through 5/8" threads is our TA- Series tapping arms. Fit, function & longevity of the TA Series Tapping Arm comes from simple yet durable design and our tap arm systems come at a very practical price. It's easy to adjust our tapping machine to float up and out of the way between holes or when not in use or you can set the float tap arm to suspend perfectly in any position. Movement of ETA tapping arms is virtually effortless. Threads are formed or cut without torque reaction because the tap arm keeps the tool from spinning. Once set up properly, the tap arm machine also guides the tap and keeps it in perfect alignment with the hole. Our Bilz tap chuck and Bilz Size 1 tap adapters are made in Germany and are interchangeable with T.M. Smith, Flexarm, Collis, Universal, Lyndex, 3Arm, Accupro, Centaur, Emuge, Erickson, Parlec, and others.